Monday, August 23, 2010

New Baby Cousin!

This is Alexia Drew Formby!

We got to drive to Oklahoma this past weekend and meet sweet baby Lexi and celebrate her momma's birthday, my cousin Laney! We had a hamburger cook out with all the fixins', every kind of chip known and for dessert angel food and chocolate cake. Lexi was beautiful and came with a tan!  It was fun to spend time with Memaw and the entire family!

She was the sweetest lil thing! Didn't make a peep the whole time we were there.


Putting Pawhuska, Oklahoma on the map!

Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Home of the buffalo roaming Tall Grass Prairie, Osage Indians, childhood memories, the infamous Pioneer Woman, the best BBQ joint, 
dirty oil rigs, and most importantly "Memaw's" house. Growing up, a summer at Memaw and Pa's was the best time of the year. Most of my family still resides in the little town with the population barely reaching 4,000. 

Memaw's new house is quite the trip in itself. After my "Pa" passing away in 2005, Memaw decided to build her a new house a little closer to town and right next to her best friends of over 50 years, Milton and Sue Labadie.
To put it into simple words, Memaw's house is a vintage, shabby chic cottage that we all call candy land. From the pastel walls, to the pink granite counter tops, this is one stone cottage that I can't resist to share! 
Her new home is such a fun place to visit as I get to see family and friends and my parents hometown roots. 

Her dinning room has pink and green walls and ceilings, with pink desert rose dish set on display and a pearl strung chandelier that completes the room.
Her kitchen has white wooden cabinets with glittery pink granite counter tops with baby pink appliances.