Saturday, September 18, 2010

Up, Up and Away! The Plano Balloon Festival

My favorite Balloon that we saw! It was the
perfect touch of  southern hospitality! 
We have so many family traditions growing up in the Dunham household, one of them is attending the annual Plano Balloon Festival! It's a mini-fair with food, fun,  games, vendors, live bands and lots of hot air balloons! It actually lasts all weekend with the "glowing" of the balloons, fire works, sunrise balloon take offs and contests.

We normally only attend the EARLY and I mean early 6:00 sunrise event. This is where the balloons take off one by one just as the sun is rising! It sounds dumb but seriously the combo of the sunrise and the balloons lighting up is so pretty!

The whole gang at 6:15ish... way too early for most of us. Not much was being said  and a lot of fake smiles captured the moment!

This was his first year to experience the festival. He was such a good sport considering he had to be at my house at 5:45!!! :)
Of course the dogs have to attend as well! Can't leave home without these babies...
As you can see Lucy's daddy (Dick) dressed her
for the day..Go Gators!

This is Lucy's Mom Maddie, she is my sisters dog

The City of Plano Hot air balloon
The first few balloons to inflate.. The sky was gorgeous!
Tons of these crazy things! 
The side of this one was promoting Hot Springs!! It was be
absolutely amazing to fly in one of these around the Natural State!

Finally the sun was up!! I Like HIM!
The Pirate Balloon! He was hilarious
The creepy Clown 

I secretly would love to fly in one of these!! After walking around looking at vendors and LOTS and LOTS of people watching it was time for.....

If you haven't tried the pumpkin pancakes for a limited time only, It is a MUST!! It was such a fun Saturday morning!
 Have you ever wanted to fly in a hot air balloon?!

Have a spectacular weekend,