Saturday, October 30, 2010

Little Hands, Little Feet Simply Precious and Oh So Sweet!

So I am so behind on blogging but I can blame it on this little precious thing! Meet Jonah Dalton Apple, my first nephew! He was born Wednesday, October 20th at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano.

The story went a little something like this. Katie started having those lovely contractions at 11:00 p.m. Tuesday. But because Jonah's original due date wasn't until Halloween, Johnny refused to let Katie check into the hospital!  Let me say this, Katie is a bit of a drama queen, well ALOT of a drama queen so I understand Johnny's  train of thought. He kept telling her that it was too early. They drove all the way to the hospital, turned around went home, then drove again to the hospital and sat in the parking lot and talked things over. SO FUNNY and typical of these two!
She's going to kill me for this pic, but it was 5:00 a.m. and
we were SO excited!

Finally Katie convinced Johnny into walking into the emergency room. So 4:00 a.m. I get a knock on my bedroom door from "Pretty" Chrissie telling me it was time to meet Jonah. My first response was we aren't READY!! That Wednesday night we were actually going to help Katie finalize the baby room, install car seats, and organize all the baby gifts. Well Jonah had other plans!

All Katie would talk about is the Texas Rangers playoff game at 3:00 that afternoon. She was hoping he would be here before the first pitch was thrown. We take our Rangers baseball seriously! :)

Made his grand appearance at 2:57 p.m.
6lbs 9 ounces  19 1/2 inches
Born with a full head of dark hair that is naturally a Fo-Hawk this boy is for sure related to Johnny Apple! He is such a blessing and a miracle from above. It blows my mind to see God create this perfect little human being and to think that he already has a plan for his life!
Here are a couple pictures out of 200 from all of the many people that visited Katie and Johnny at the hospital..
I can tell you now, this child will be SPOILED from Pretty and Babs
The wreath that sweet Angie made last minute! It was adorable.
His mini-me.. They look so much alike. 
Future EEE Beau.. just kidding but he does look good on that blanket! :)
I'm obsessed
Finally getting to go home on Friday afternoon
A little surprise at there house when they got home! The stork came by to announce his birth.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers, support, hospital visits, gifts, and love. Jonah is so loved already! There will be plenty more blogs about this little boy!