Thursday, January 6, 2011

At Last My Love Has Come Along

I could not be more excited to say that I am officially going to be Mrs. Abigail Tracy. The "inspector" decided it was time to put some bling on the left hand. It been like a month now, it has been crazy around the holidays! The story went a little something like this...

Almost 3 years ago this fella asked me to a George Strait concert in Little Rock. Since George is the King of country, who could possibly turn down this date. We danced, sang, and that's where the journey began.

Sunday December 19, 2010, after spending the weekend in Arkansas catching up with friends in Little Rock and visiting Dick's family for Christmas I was told we were attending a Christmas party that night. Little did I know it was just an excuse to make me get ready and put on make up!

Dick picked me up a little after 7:00 and said that the party was cancelled. So he knew I loved looking a Christmas lights and saw that they were doing them in horse drawn carriages down the street from my house. I have always dreamed of someone taking me in a carriage to see lights!! We looked at Christmas lights for a good 45 minutes all snuggled up. He was so casual and just being really fun and sweet. After the entire tour was over, I stepped out of the carriage and dick and I started walking towards the car...

To set the scene there were people EVERYWHERE and they were almost huddled around us. It was like the pit stop of carriage rides. Then Dick led me over towards this one area in the grass, got down on one knee and started talking. I was so caught off guard I was saying NO, NO, No!  I just remembered him saying my full name, something about church, I love you, and will you marry me? I stuck out my right hand like a moron and then starting crying! Applause by the crowd topped off the perfect moment. There was one thing I completely missed...
The HUGE light up sign that said "will you marry me"
It took me a few minutes to notice the sign wrapped in Christmas lights! So funny! But him and his buddy chad from work hand made this sign!

So we quickly went back to my house to tell my family the exciting news. On my way I started calling my besties and the only one that answered was Buelow and she was a little distracted on the phone. I walk in my house and my sister says congrats and said "did you have a chance to tell all your friends?" Then one by one they all start walking down the stairs! A loud scream and tears might of happened.
Then more  and more friends came and it was a party!
The cake says it all! The table was full of goodies, bridal magazines, flowers, and fake diamonds
Sweet sisters giving me a "blow out"

The Abbie Bling!

It was an absolutely perfect night in every way! I am proud to say I have finally met the boy I am going to marry. 11/12/11 we will be getting married at Prestonwood Baptist Church! Let the planning begin!