Monday, August 30, 2010

Date Night with the Texas Rangers

Like I have said before, I love some major league baseball and college football. The Texas Rangers are my favorite MLB team, hands down. There is nothing like a watching a Rangers game on a summer night in the stadium with a hot dog and diet coke! I have cheered them on for years and try to go to at least two games every season. This past Wednesday, Dick surprised me with tickets only 25 rows up from home plate!

I found this on my bed one night when I got home! This is Gabby, she is a build-a-bear got Dick bought me our first Valentine's together. She is always dressed for the occasion!
I was so excited! I never get to sit this close!!

It was DOLLAR hot dog night at the ball park!

Josh Hamilton (Hambone) is me and Dick's all time favorite player! We love to watch him play! If you haven't read his book you  definitely need to.  He is an incredible guy and just happens to be best a bat and out in left field.

It was the perfect night for Baseball! The "cold" front moved across north Texas that night with the temperature dropping down to the low 70's. It was another win for the Rangers and such a fun game with the dance cam, dot race, steal the base game, claw cam, dollar hot dog night, and the fireworks from Josh Hamilton's home run!