Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Halloween with No Tricks and too many Treats!

Halloween tends to be my least favorite holiday of the year.  There is something about dark scary costumes with spider webs, eerie music, graves stones, and human parts with blood laying in the yard that makes me not  fan. 

I do love Halloween because of the fall weather, pumpkin carving, decorations, and the colorful leaves that are boldest in Arkansas. This past weekend the plan was to go to our church Fall Festival to play games, eat corn dogs then go to my sisters to watch the Rangers in the World Series Game and pass out candy to all the little ones in Frisco.

Fall Festival at Prestonwood turned out to be so much fun! It was my first year going and there were over 20,000 people there. They had a petting zoo, 20 inflatables, a kiddy train, all the fair foods, games, pony rides and of course candy. I saw the most adorable kids dressed up in every costume imaginable. My favorite was the UPS little boy that had a wagon that was his "UPS" truck. Here are a few pics we took.

Pink Pony rides! If I was a little kid
I would have gone nuts!
Petting Zoo. They sign said please just pet
the animals. All the little girls would pick them up
and try to carry them around.
Of course I got a corn dog and Dick got a
Turkey Leg! 
We love passing out candy. Since my sister lives in a neighborhood that has an elementary school  behind it we thought this was going to be a great year for passing out candy. We went to Sam's bought 2 huge bags of candy and filled up our giant bowl.  The bad news was we only saw 6 kids all night. We knew something wasn't right after it was 7:45 and the sidewalks were empty! Not a single lady bug, monster, avatar, princess, lady GaGa costume was in site. Apparently the city of Frisco tricked and treated their little hearts out on Saturday night and we were prob the only ones unaware. LOL! It's CRAZY, you cannot change the date of Halloween! We did in fact dress up all of the kids in our family.

They are best buds and LOVE each other!
My child Lucy the Bumble Bee
My sisters Maddie the Lady Bug
Baby Frankenstein! The only costume that
would fit him this year! He was 10 days old!
I hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and the candy in your bowl made some little kids smile!