Friday, July 8, 2011

Save The Date!

So finally.. I swear.. Cross my heart, that I will be a better blogger. I am horrible. BUT I officially have a new job with Frito-Lay (praise the Lord) that allows me to be at a desk, with a computer, and lots of free coffee. So let the blogging begin!

First off wedding plans are coming along quite nicely. The printed, vintage bridesmaid dresses are in and will be delivered next weekend to all the Arkansas girls and thanks to Posh Floral for the incredible and mind blowing ideas on all the decorations/flowers, that part is done. My dress will be here in August/Sept. It's going to be AMAZING. EEk! and last but not least, our save the dates were finally sent out.

Sweet and talented Bethany Briscoe (soon to be MRS. Toney) created our save the dates and the envelopes. The pictures were taken by Allison Davis photography. We really loved our engagement pictures thanks to her and would recommend her to anybody!


 The poem on the back was very cheesy but I LOVED it because it told our little love story and how we met. I think it made it a little more personal!

Loving Life,