Friday, September 3, 2010

A Much Needed Weekend With The Girls..

This past weekend two of my best friends from college came down to visit "perfect" Plano!!! A weekend in Plano usually consists of lots and lots of shopping, home cooking from pretty Chrissie, Dunham family game nights with Scattegories and Mexican Dominoes, and having sunday morning church at Prestonwood!

I just LovEEE them!

"Pretty" Chrissie woke us up with a HUGE breakfast! She just LOVES to cook and has the best recipes for EVERYTHING! She's my Paula Dean..
Grape Salad Dish
Grapes, Cream Cheese, Pecans, and Cinnamon
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Breakfast Casserole
Our favorite place to shop.. ANTHROPOLOGIE!
I think I could buy everything in that store. I love the rustic/vintage looks!

Fat Straws:
One stop that Erica has to make is a trip to this chinese bubble tea smoothie place called Fat Straws. For some reason she HAS to have one every time she is here!
Barbie Cake
To celebrate, of course I HAD to bake something!
I just love to bake fun cakes! Barbie was so easy and turned out cute. You actually cook the cake in a pyrex measuring cup to form the shape of her dress. It tasted AH-MAZING thanks to the "cake doctor." Everyone needs to have her cookbook. Her recipes are amazing as she takes a normal box of dry cake mix and adds a few ingredients that normally I already in my kitchen!

Family Game Nights consists of..
You never know what will happen during our game nights. You might even have to sing Christmas Carols before you can make a move in dominoes or have all of your answers in Scattergories voted NO! 

Dimples Cupcakes: The sweetest Must-Go place is DIMPLES CUPCAKES! They are to die for and the best!

They have the best flavors such as, wedding cake, cookies and cream, red velvet, lemon, orange dreamsicle, Chocolate mousse, carrot cake, banana milk chocolate, snicker,  strawberry, pineapple coconut, and banana pudding! The best is Wedding Cake!

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