Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Dick Tracy Party!

To top the weekend off we celebrated Dick's 26th birthday! So what's more appropriate then actually having the classic yellow and black cartoon inspector. It was thrown together last minute, but turned out cute!

We had a party cooking his favorite dishes from "Pretty's" kitchen. He ordered steak, shoepeg corn, ranch potatoes, and rolls. Typical boys meal! Since I don't eat steak, my dad so kindly threw me a piece of chicken on the grill!

Yellow hat and all, The table was complete and he loved it!
Blueberry cake from the famous "Bonnie Ruth's" in Frisco. It's his absolute favorite! There is nothing like it!
Him trying not to bust out laughing! Yes the hat was necessary to blow out the 26 candles!
A little fuzzy but it was the only one sweet Lucy was looking at the camera! 

He had the best birthday! The trend has caught everyone in the family is getting a themed birthday this  year! Happy Birthday to my sweet "inspector" and best friend!

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