Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Backtracking to "Merry Christmas!"

EEEKkk.. So during the holidays we were constantly on the go, then the new year hit, and now the 1st of February, on this record cold snow day, I get to finally catch up on blogging!!

So back up a few months ago to Christmas after I got engaged (I'm still giddy), we celebrated the holidays in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and then Christmas Eve we traveled back home to Pretty's house. So not to make it a picture overload blog, I tried to pick out the highlights of the Dunham's family Christmas. We have lots of traditions which is why Christmas is so special to my family.

Annual GINGERBREAD house making contest! Not to
brag or anything but I took the gold!

This year the competition was fierce! It was the Apple family, Angie Strange, me and Dick! My mom judges on attitudes, sports like conduct and creativity! ha!

Lucy also had an amazing Christmas. She got a
whole stocking full of toys and a Christmas card from Santa.
She was hilarious as she pulled each toy out of the bag.
Lucy's Christmas card bone from Santa.
It was edible!
Dick and I had our own little Christmas together. You can tell it was a Texas Christmas because Dick has SHORTS on!! But he got me a white North Face and I got him UGG brown loafers! Since we are supposed to be saving, we tried to keep Christmas light this year.

After heading to Pawhuska, Oklahoma this is a shot of all the Great Grandkids
in our family minus the oldest Kayia. The bottom 3 were born this past year. Crazy how quickly our family is growing!
Pretty and Jonah!! It was his very first Christmas.
 What is Christmas without FOOD! We started a new tradition this year to have breakfast Christmas Eve. So here were my favorite foods. Extra large Cinnamon rolls, breakfast egg casserole, and kiss cookies
Look at that cute fella! We usually try to play games all night long!
Rock Band, Mexican Train Dominoes, Scattegories and cards are a few of our favorites.
 Just a few other party pics from our Christmas! 
So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dunham household!

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