Saturday, April 2, 2011

March...It was a Great Month!

A look back into the month of MARCH...

This is the first time this month I have had the time to sit down at a computer and blog. Between wedding planning, family birthdays, Prestonwood Womens retreat, softball and WORK.. I have zero time on my hands.

As for the wedding..
I literally am at a holding point. Its horrible. So far I have picked out two different cakes and two different bridal dresses! lol I am horrible at making decisions! So before the end of April I have to have both of those very important items ordered.

As for the bridesmaid dresses, They are being ordered this week! Because I have the best bridesmaids ever...They have already sent back their measurements. To match the vintage wedding theme the dresses are PRINTED.. Yes, PRINTED! and I'm obsessed! We also ordered some special shoes for them to wear to the reception ONLY.

Me and Dick are using our artistic abilities and went and bought a piece of furniture from the Frisco retail shop and are actually re-painting it and turning it into our guest book sign in table! We love doing projects together. I am so excited and its going to be my favorite color.. turquoise! So there will be pics coming on that little beauty!

We also ordered the fun stuff like my garter, toasting flutes and my guest book. Mostly on the fun artsy websites like ESTY. They have great handmade stuff out there and usually its very good price.

So the best part of my weekends are softball. All of our couple friends and Sis and brother in law created this church softball team. We are named Beauty and the Beasts. ha ha. So far we have only practiced but our first game is next weekend. I am not the best, but trust me dick is trying his hardest! Our jerseys are hot pink.. so cute. So many pics to come of our fun little team.

Pretty turns 50
My sweet mother turned 50 on March 10th. Not only did she get to go to Mexico with her friends, her office threw her a huge "50 and fabulous" party. I MEAN HUGE! Her entire office was pink. Including a runway, streamers, pics of her back in the day, and cakes from "Delicious cakes." To top it off me and angie got her Paula Dean sterling silver measuring cups and spoons! totally recommend them to anyone and I may register for them for my wedding! For dinner we took her down to the Bishop arts district to Tillman's roadhouse. WOW... Best food ever and we might of gained a pound or two! She was very blessed by so many friends.

Lake Weekend
One of my favorite weekends was two weeks ago. Like 8 of us went to White Bluff golf course by Lake Whitney. It was PERFECT weather. The boys played golf and the girls layed by the pool all day. At night we cooked a huge dinner and had bon-fires! So relaxing! I can't wait to go back!

So that's what I have been up to in the month of MARCH. I swear to be a better blogger and have tons off fun stuff to announce coming soon!

So blessed and a loved daughter of the KING,

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