Friday, August 20, 2010

Friendship Dinner at Prestonwood

       Every fall the Women's ministry of our church have a huge kick off dinner to promote the new year of bible studies. 1,500 Women of all ages came to eat dinner and fellowship with friends, it officially ended summer. The best part of it all is the decorative tables!  Not only are they extravagant but represent a ministry that we support as a church body. 
      Our age group called the "expresso girls" led by my incredible mother supported a new ministry for the prostitutes in Dallas called "New Life, New Friends." Basically they take these women off of the streets and give them a new start to life by supplying clothes, food, and most importantly teaching them about Jesus. Me and my amazing decorating partner Angie Strange were able to decorate three incredible tables this year.

This table was the gift card table. Every woman that sat here was supposed to bring a gift card  to give to  this ministry. This picture does not do justice to the ribbon tree. As gift cards were brought they were tied to the tree to add to the decor of the table. It was a simple set up as we threw printed material around the base of the tree, topped the table with black chargers, and placed Barbie pink tool to each chair. For some reason the older women just seemed to flock to this table and comment! It was a hit!
This table represented the bibles that were donated to share Jesus. It was a mix of bright mish-match colors, printed ribbons, bright gold chargers and topped with gorgeous white hydrangea/mum flowers from Posh Floral. It's amazing what a little ribbon can do!
This table represented clothing that was being donated. Karlie clothes was kind enough to donate two huge boxes of clothes that made an excellent center piece table cloth. The black and silver themed clothes were pinned together, surrounded by fun gift sacks of all shapes, designs and sizes with bright silver chargers. This was the hardest table to create as me and Angie would pull out the most adorable clothes and unwillingly pin them on the table :).

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