Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Newest family member..

Meet Lucy!
 Lucy was born June 26th and is a full bred shihtzu. She is my little pride and joy! I am obsessed with her. The funny part is that her parents are also in our family. Her mom  (Maddie) is my sister and brother in law's dog and her dad (Bailey) is my parents dog. Then one day when Maddie and Bailey were having a play date in the backyard and... then we got 5 puppies!! We are so excited to have the little precious thing.
Lucy's apparel
It is an absolute must that the little girl has a closet full of clothes and accessories. This fall she will help cheer on the Arkansas Razorbacks, Oklahoma Sooners and who can go wrong with a simple monogram tee. They are sure to make a statement! I just happen to love arts and  crafts and found these little "dog skin" tees at hobby lobby. A little rhinestones, iron on graphics, ribbon and the little diva dog is off to a great start!
We just LOVE her!

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