Sunday, October 3, 2010

Every Sunday is Family Night..

Sunday night's have always been good ol' family night. No matter what our week consists of, it is mandatory that Sunday night you are to report to "Pretty's" house. We play games, eat dinner, catch up on T.V. shows and rest before the week begins.

Well last Sunday night was a little different... Memaw, My mom's mom was in town, so we had a family progressive dinner.
Here was the line up:

1st: Dick's new apartment- Appetizers
2nd: My mom's house- Main Course
3rd: The Apple's house- Dessert

It turned out to be a fall themed progressive dinner since the weather turned crisp and cool. There is something about the smell and decorations of fall that screams FAMILY!

This me and Dick's appetizer. Twice baked potatoes inside of mini pumpkins
hollowed out!  It was incredible and such a hit!

Main Course:
Memaw's baked beans 

Corn casserole

Before I continue.. I have a confession to make. I am an extremely picky eater when it comes to meats. I really only eat like fish and poultry! Most would say those aren't meats.. but I will venture out into a hamburger every now. Overall I am plain weird about meats. I DO NOT fit in with the fam on this subject.

Whew.. Okay so saying that, these were my two favorite dishes of the main course! There was also a beef and gravy dish that my grandma claims is her speciality! She wanted to contribute :)


My  sister made the adorable Rice Krispy treats. They are made with candy corns to bring in the fall!

And an Apple Pie. She thinks she's cute cause there last name is "Apple." LOL

If your not hungry after that menu there is something wrong with your taste buds!
Happy Fall Ya'll!

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  1. memaw's beef and gravy sounds a little frightening! however, your pumpkins were more than adorable, what a great idea!!

    memaw's latest appetizer recommendation: little smokies, wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with brown sugar, and fried in a pan. so strange that pa had heart problems!!