Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Showers Galore!

If you have not heard, my sister will be having her baby in just a few short weeks. Not to brag or anything but I will make the best AUNT. It's kind of crazy but her little boy is due October 31st. I think we all secretly pray that it's any day BUT Halloween. If he is born on the evil holiday,  I guess he will arrive in his first costume that will for sure make a statement! NUDE! 

They have decided to name him Jonah Dalton Apple. So far the Doc says he will be tall and have long arms! So we are glad it's a boy and not a girl.

A few weekends back we had two baby showers for the Apples to prepare for this sweet little blessing.
Saturday Night Couple Family Shower
This shower was at Johnny's sisters house, Christy. It was such a fun night as they catered in food from On The Border and invited mostly family and Johnny and Katie's couple friends.
The Apple's and Baby Jonah
Diaper cakes are always a hit! This is the one that I made
for this shower. Instead of diapers on top I decided to
 top the diapers with a few extra gifts!
The other really cute diaper cake that was
made of wash clothes and diapers and had
toys and socks all throughout!

Next was the Prestonwood Church Shower. It's always over the top in cuteness!
Sweet invitations!
Petits-Fours from Steins! Katie's favorite
and all  the  soon to be mommy wanted!
Sweet baby boy blue table decorations
Hydrangeas and roses
The Grandma's to be:
Pretty and

So many presents, so many blessings, from so many sweet friends.
Jonah is loved already!

All the precious hostess 
He is going to be such a fun Dad!

In less than a month we will have a new addition to our family. God is so good! .. I'll keep you posted! :)

With Love and a Thankful Heart,

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