Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making Fall a Little Sweeter..

Every weekend through October I am going to make a new Fall recipe to bring in the season! It's going to be a countdown to Halloween. I LOVE fall if you can't tell!

October 1st Weekend:
Caramel Apples

At the State fair instead of getting corn dogs like the rest of the world, I spend my coupons on a caramel apple! They have candied or caramelised with just about any candy bar you can think of. 

Since the apple plays a huge role in the taste, I chose three of
the best apples in season. Seasonal Honey Crisp , classic Red Delicious,
and Granny Smith.
Straight out of the oven and melting with caramel. Since
they are already sweet enough, I chose not to add the candy.

We just bought the caramel apple wraps from the grocery store and popped them into the oven for a little longer then the package says. Quick. Easy. Fun. Yummy!

The alternative is Mrs. Prindables apples. They are online, QVC or at Neiman Marcus. They are adorable and they are offered year round celebrating every season. Best apples I have ever tasted ya'll! 

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